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Open when sad or upset

Things to do to get you out of the Funk

Journal! Write down your thoughts and process them.

Ask someone for help.

Accomplish something no matter how small.

Clean and declutter.

Pamper yourself a little.

Cook yourself a comfort meal.

Do something nice for somebody else.

See a friend or call a loved one.

Move your body!

Hug someone, cuddle, or pet an animal.

Do something creative, painting, dance, knitting, arts and crafts, poetry or writting.

Remember that everyone has bad days and thats normal.

  • Pain is a part of growing

  • Everything in life is temporary

  • Worrying and complaining changes nothing

  • Your scars are symbols of strength

  • Every little struggle is a step forward

  • Other people'e negativity is NOT your problem

  • What is meant to be will eventually happen

  • The best thing you can keep doing is going.

  • You are LOVED.

You are lovable.

You are awesome.

You are worthy.

Trust your voice within.

You are strong.

You are brave.

Stand tall with self respect.

Be courageous with your gentle heart.

You belong.

You matter, no matter what.

You bring joy to this world.

You are smart.

You are adventurous.

Treat yourself with compassion.

Talk to yourself like you would a friend.

You are enough.

Step into your power.

You own this.

Believe in this.

Trust Yourself.

You are filled with beauty.

You are resilent.

You are free.

You were born for this, you can get through this.

It's Okay

to make mistakes. your human

to have bad days. your human

to be less than perfect. your human

to do what's best for you. your human

to be yourself. your human


  • You belong here just as much as anymore else.

  • Giving your all doesn't mean youhave to do it all, you're allowed to pace yourself.

  • Even when others don't understand what you're creating, that doesn't mean what you're creating isn't meaningful.

  • Even though today is filled with so many things to do. that doesn't mean it can't be beautiful.

  • Do your best today while remembering, your value is not attached to what you accomplished.

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