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How To Live A Better Life

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Here are a few tips and tricks to start changing your life around to your dream life.

1. Get Rid of Your Bad Habits Successful people have good habits; unsuccessful people have bad habits. Form Habits like successful people:

  • good time management

  • good decision making

  • good thought habits 

  • good relationship habits

  • good work habits Start developing successful habits if you want to be successful.


2. Breathe

When you breathe your connecting with yourself it is your super power i.e your connection to source energy( the universe/God).

Take a moment to breathe deeply, clear your mind, check in with your body, become present in the moment and connect with yourself and the universe.


3. Hang High

Hang out with people who are of high vibes.

Hang out with people who are living with a purpose, who meet their challenges with an attitude, who are making the money you want, who are taking the vacations you want.

Once you see that you will follow.

  “Tell me who are your friends, and I'll tell you who you are"


4. Set Honest Goals

Discipline is a muscle; you have to build it at a pace.

Set honest goals that are outside your comfort zone and build from there.


5. Read Your Manifesto The more you focus on who you're becoming the more emotional you'll get, the faster it'll come.


6. Get Your Body On It

    Your mind will follow where your body leads.

Get your blood flowing, eat food that excites you and nourishes you, get your breathing deeper. Use your mind, body, and soul together to make it happen.

The mind and body are way more powerful together than either is alone. 


7. Use Your Secret Weapons

  • Make a playlist

  • Listen to motivational podcast

  • Dance

  • Go out in nature

  • DO things to make YOU feel good


8. Love Yourself Never Stop.

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