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Manifestation 101

Having trouble manifesting your desires? It all starts with you, for you. Have you ever thought about an event happening and it came true? Have you ever thought of someone and they called? Sometimes we focus our time and energy into something and we end up attracting it into our lives and sometimes it is not our desired outcome of the situation. You probably didn't know but you might've manifested that to come true.

When I first learned about manifestation it was a few years ago. I wasn't in the best place mentally and I was living my life at a low vibration. All of my thoughts were always so negative. Before events would happened I strongly believed that the worst outcome was going to happen and that is exactly what happened every single time. When I tried manifesting good things into my life without a clear intention to what I wanted exactly I started to manifest a lot of things I really didn't want in the process. It has been some time now since then and I have changed my life and became such a happy soul. I will admit that each day on this planet is not easy but we have the power to create our dream life. It all starts with YOU! Here I have some manifestation tips that helped me tremendously to change my life around. May these help you create your happily ever after.

Much love xoxo


So before I teach you any of the manifestation methods I will begin to educate you on the the processes you go through to manifest. It starts by setting it, this is process of setting a goal, an intention, or a desired outcome consist of Law of Intention, Law of Clarity, Law of Emotion, Law of Focus.

Law of Intention


  1. Think It Everything starts from a thought.

  2. Write It Down The act of writing your goals down and solidify the goal, it's like taking the thought in the air and solidifying it and claiming it for yourself.

  3. Speak It Words and vocalizing your goals all hold vibrational frequency that runs throughout our bodies. This means that your message is heard and allows the universe to respond to your vibration. So speak as you have have your goals and desires and watch the universe respond!

Law of Clarity

Clarity is POWER

  1. Be Specific Solidify the goal so that every step by step is seen and felt to create the path for your manifestations to come true.

  2. Without Clarity we don't have a set intention therefore we give the universe the opportunity to take control of what you are trying to manifest. Belief is important when manifesting without believing the outcome may not come to be true.

Law of Emotion

The universe doesn't answer to words but answers to EMOTIONS.

  1. Visualize Take yourself to the desired reality you are trying to manifest. See it as if it was already happening now. Smell it, taste it, feel it as if its already happened.

  2. Ask "Why" Ask yourself why you want it and keep asking, keep digging for the answer until you build up the reason you want it.

Emotion is energy in motion. E-MOTION

When you express your emotion while manifesting you express energy to the universe thus your manifestations will be on their way faster.

Law of Focus

When you focus on your manifestation the energy flows and the results show.

By putting more of your time, money, and energy into one thing, the energy within the main focus expands and opportunities begin to appear.

Now after all that we start the process of letting go.

Often times when we manifest we tend not let go and expect the universe to answer to our needs ASAP. When you let go and trust the universe you are allowing this manifestation to work its to you. As long as you have faith in the universe that it is coming, the universe will answer. It always does for your greater good.


Manifestation Techniques


Every morning you have to write down what you want to manifest three times. Around midday, you will write out the same statement six times, then just before you go to bed you will write it out nine times.

Journaling is a great way to manifest your desires, as it helps you tap into powerful manifestation techniques on a daily basis, such as: Being the vibrational match for what you seek to attract (Low Vibration=Attract Low Vibrational Things). Thinking, feeling and acting as if your desires are already a reality. Setting intentions and taking actions to attract your desires. When writing your desires avoid using "I would like" and "I want" write it as if it already happened to you.

Water Method This method you can use one cup or two.

  • One Cup Method Label the watercup with what you to manifest, examples can be abundance, love, health, etc and drink it every morning afterwaking up with very strong intention.

  • Two Cup Method You take two cups. You fill one with water, the other you leave it empty. Grab two papers, on one paper write down your current situation and pair it with the cup full of water and on the other write down what you want to manifest in your life and pair it with the empty cup. Now grab the cup that is full and represents your current situation and meditate on it, what your feeling now, allow yourself to feel every emotion your feeling and then start pouring into the other cup. As you pour the water into the other cup let go of any negative emotions your are feeling and allow yourself to sit and meditate with the second cup. This time you visualize and mediatate on the desires you want to come into your life then drink the water. As you drink feel all the emotions you would feel if you already had it, visualize it as if it already happened.

Vision Boards is a tool in the manifesting toolbox. Your vision board is a visualization of everything you want to be, do, and have in the future. It's your blank canvas to post images, quotes, affirmations and drawings of anything you want to create in your life. It is unique and yours. You allow yourself to fill the board up with your hopes and dreams and then you let it go.

Oath of Manifestation

I accept and recieve unexpected






coming in unexpected ways from unexpected ways in my life and the life of others.

I am constantly guided and bodly empowered to recieve the lavish abundance of the universe.

I accept the principle that abundance and prosperity have already given to me.

My acceptances makes it real and open space for maifestation to run its course.

I open the doors wide open to my conscious to recieve and to give!

It is done now!

May you all manifest your dream lives. You all deserve it. Sending you love and light.


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